Malik Althuwaynee

Mr. Malik Althuwaynee, currently serves as the Principal Educational Consultant. He earned his Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in translation and cultural studies from Mosul University (Iraq) and American University of Sharjah. His career started in 1991 when he established AlUmara House for Translation and Publication in Baghdad. Since then he translated into Arabic 15 books covering the most readable subjects of politics, economics, history, and parapsychology and written by some of the world’s most prominent figures and writers including the late American president Nixon in his Beyond Peace, the former American Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in Diplomacy (a university and college reference for students of politics and diplomacy), Colin Wilson in the Strange Powers: The Sixth Sense, Paul Kennedy in his famous 800-page book The Rise and Fall of Great Powers (a college and university reference for students of history, politics, and diplomacy), and many others.

As an educator, Mr. Althuwaynee taught several English language, translation, and communication, including business communication, courses and curricula at different places in Jordan and UAE. It started first at Rosary College and Sight and Sound Center (British Center) in Jordan where my teaching methodology relevant to this subject focused on developing student’s potential to analyze audiences, deliver speeches (of persuasion, ceremony, …), utilize effective vocal language, demonstrate competent listening skills,… it also paid special attention to the techniques of employing active listening skills and recognizing the relationship between listening and critical thinking.

In the field of qualifications systems, since joining the team of Abu Dhabi-based Qualifications Framework Project in 2008, he participated in the development of a fit-for-purpose UAE Qualifications System that can ably assist in fulfilling the social and economic vision of the country. His responsibilities included:

  • coordinating with strategic and key stakeholders and collaborating with colleagues in the development and implementation of the inaugural national qualifications framework for the UAE (QFEmirates), and submitting and gaining approval by the Board of Trustees of the National Qualifications Authority (NQA) 20 February 2012 its national application
  • developing and submitting the proposal, recommendation and implementation strategy and arrangements for approval of the national qualifications framework architecture by the UAE Federal Cabinet, approved September 2013
  • assuring protection of the ‘generic’ qualification titles and qualifications profiles contained in the QFEmirates
  • discussing issues and identifying options for matters in common that would improve the quality of outcomes of education and training and their relationship with the labour market in respective sectors, including, but not limited to, performance and review of quality assurance processes, career education and advice, assessment, CoreLife Skills, RPL, equivalence arrangements, and qualification outcomes to employment relevance
  • sharing experiences, and identifying possible solutions to issues arising from the implementation of the QFEmirates in respective sectors
  • developing the Gulf Qualifications Framework, approved in May 2014. It is a ten- level Framework that covers the five strands of Knowledge, Skills, and three Aspects of Competency: Self-development, Autonomy and Responsibility, and Role in Context
  • representing the NQA in major national and international bi-lateral discussions and negotiations related to the alignment and recognition of the UAE national qualifications framework (QFEmirates) with other national systems and meta-systems such as the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and emerging Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) Qualifications Framework
  • providing advice on qualifications recognition and accreditation policies, processes and issues to national and international clients (e.g. education institutions, government ministries and agencies and the community)
  • working with the NQA Board of Trustees in providing advice, recording and progressing decisions of the Board within the NQA and externally.

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